Carl Bohm  (1844-1920)
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According to the Internet source given below, Carl Bohm (also known as Carl Bohm, Henry Cooper [pseudonym] and Karl Bohm) was a German pianist and composer.
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pdf15.gif Abide With Me: Sacred Song C. Bohm (words & music) Piano, Voice Greer wvicon.gif
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 57 works by Carl Bohm (1844-1920). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER pdf15.gif (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
La Grace, Op 302, No. 5 (w&m) 1883  wvicon.gif
Vogel Im Walde: Bird in the Wood 1884
A La Valse, Op. 301 1885  wvicon.gif
May Has Come: Der Mai Ist Gekommen 1891
Polacca Brillante 1891
Tripping Feet: Brillant-Polka 1891  wvicon.gif
Frolic of the Butterflies: Kosender Falter 1892
La Zingana: Danse Hongroise 1892
Ein Rosenblatt: Fantasie-Walzer 1893
Peace, Troubled Soul 1893 D. F. Stillman (words)  Pub.
Spanish Dance: Zum Tamburin 1894
Golden Spangles: Flittergold 1901
Twilight: Im Dammerstundchen 1901
Alicia: Valse Brillante 1902
Chapel in the Wood: Vor Der Waldkapelle 1902
Sylvana: Impromptu 1902
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Attaque Des Ulans: Grand Galop Militaire 1904
Rosetta: Fantasie - Mazurka 1904
Charge of the Uhlans 1905  wvicon.gif
Kosender Falter: Caressing Butterfly 1905
Abide With Me: Sacred Song (w&m) 1906 arr: Arthur Dana  wvicon.gif
Bohm 1906  wvicon.gif
Concert - Polonaise: Mit Sang Und Klang 1906
In Switzerland: Vor Der Sennhuette 1906
Sextette Lucia 1906  Pub.
To My Star: a Mon Etoile 1906
Dance on the Green: Tanz Im Grunen 1908
Seguidilla: Spanish Dance 1908
Vienna Woods 1908  Pub.
Harlekin Polka: From ''the Masqueraders'' 1919
Jolly and Cheerful: Rondeau Brillante 1919  Pub.
Swallow's Song: Canto De La Golondrina, The 1922  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Little Suite 1925  wvicon.gif
Perpetuum Mobile 1925  Pub.
Silent As Night: Still Wie Die Nacht 1927
Alpine Flower: Edelweiss ?
Der Sennerin Abschied Von Der Alm ?
Fairy Dance ?
Farewell to the Alps ?
Glissando - Mazurka ?
If Thou Thy Heart Wilt Give Me: Melodie ?
La Valse: Petit Impromptu, A ?
Love's Oracle: Mazurka - Impromptu ?
Maiden's Dream, The ?
Market Maid: Die Marketenderin, The ?
May Bells ?  wvicon.gif
Murmuring Brook ?
Queen of Night: Konigin Der Nacht ?
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Veilchen: Melodie ?
By the Mountain Spring n.d.  wvicon.gif
Dancing Spirits n.d.  wvicon.gif
La Fontaine, Op. 221 n.d.  wvicon.gif
Little Dearest: Enfant Cheri n.d.  Pub.
Meditation Du Soir, Op. 302, No. 6 n.d.  Pub.
Silver Stars: Silbersterne n.d.  wvicon.gif
Still As the Night Op. 326 No. 27 n.d.  Pub.
Voices of Spring: Fruhlingsstimmen Voces De Primavera n.d.  wvicon.gif