Janpieter Biesemans  (1939-2016)
Last updated: 02.04.23
According to the Internet source given below, Janpieter Biesemans was born in Vilvoorde. He studied at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp. Amongst his teachers were Marinus De Jong, Jef Schampaert, August Verbesselt, Marcel Slootmaeckers, Lode Dieltiens, Jos Van Looy, Jacqueline Fonteyn, Jan Decadt and Flor Peeters.
He founded the ensemble Consortium Antiquum in 1964 spending next 23 years interpreting early music. From 1980 he concentrated on composition having some one hundred opus numbers to his name. Of recorder interest is his Vijf Slovaakse stukken voor blokfluit (Five Slovakian Pieces for Recorder).

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