Walter Bergmann  (1902 -1988)
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rpbergmann.jpgOn a personal note, this photo of Walter Bergmann, taken from Musician for a While, was kindly provided by Nicholas S. Lander by E-mail on 6th March 2003. It replaces the jolly photo of Dr. Wesley M. Oler , inexpertly scanned from a November 1966 issue of the "Recorder and Music Magazine", which for years I had believed it to be that of the good doctor himself.
The magazine mentioned above has an interesting letter by Walter Bergmann on a supposed painting of Johann Christian Schickhardt holding a Bressan recorder and an erudite essay on the question Is the piano obsolete?. His name crops up throughout the issue and interestingly as a performer also accompanying Elly Baghuis on harpsichord at a concert advertised for 28.01.1967 in Wigmore Hall, London.
According to the Internet source given below, Walter Bergmann was born in Hamburg and studied flute and piano at the Leipzig Conservatoire. He also studied law in Halle, gaining his Doctorate in 1932. In 1938, having defended a number of Jewish clients, he was obliged to escape to England. After internment in the Isle of Man during the war, he decided to make music his career, his legal expertise being of no use in England.
Walter Bergmann worked together with Edgar Hunt preparing hundreds of recorder publications between them. His most valuable contribution to the recorder scene was probably his work in rediscovering and editing Baroque works by Francesco Barsanti, John Blow, Charles F. Dieupart, Henry Purcell, Johann Christian Schickhardt and Georg Philipp Telemann, although he also arranged William Byrd, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Antonín Dvorák, Slavonic and Russian tunes and took a practical interest in the Orff movement.
As well as publishing. Walter Bergmann also conducted, accompanied and taught in the London area, meeting and working with such well-known musicians as Michael Kemp Tippett and Alfred Deller.

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