Edgar Bateman  (1860-1946)
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According to the Internet source given below, Edgar Bateman was an English lyricist of music hall songs born Edgar Davies in Marylebone, London.
He was a printer's assistant but being attracted to music halls and theatres by 1890 he started working for a music publisher. In 1894, inspired by the growth of new housing development in Clerkenwell, he wrote the lyrics to If it Wasn't for the 'Ouses in Between. With music by George Le Brunn and introduced by the singer and comedian Gus Elen, it was reportedly described as "one of the best songs of the music hall, and a song worthy of a very high place in the popular tradition". This song is also given in 60 Old-Time Variety Songs.
From 1897, he worked for music publisher David Day and toured music halls and theatres to discover new performers and novel songs that could be published.
He died in Finchley, London.

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     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Doctor Shelley Edgar Bateman (music)
Huntley Trevor (words)
H. Champion (perf.)
url15.gif Standard Bread Edgar Bateman (music)
Fred Murray (words)
H. Champion (perf.)
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Title Year Attribution Remarks
Standard Bread 1911 Fred Murray (words)
H. Champion (perf.)
Doctor Shelley 1915 Huntley Trevor (words)
H. Champion (perf.)