Traditional Food from Wales
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: Bobby Freeman
Publisher: Hippocrene Books ISBN: 0781805279
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A Hippocrene Original Cookbook
Hardcover, 332 pages, usually ships in 1-2 days.
Amazon Review
Reviewer: Tanya from New York City, USA
Bobby Freemans's "Traditional Food from Wales" is absolutely one of the most enjoyable cookbooks I have ever had my hands on. The recipies are so skillfully interwoven with the lore and stories of past and present Wales, that they serve only to enhance the readers' experience, as opposed to interrupting it. In this book you will find recipies ranging from early medieval times through to turn of the century and modern Wales. I consider this book a true cornucopia for anyone interested in Wales, not only it's foods, but its people, its past..