Stotty 'n' Spice Cake
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2007 Author:  
Publisher: Northumbria University Press ISBN:  
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Paperback 148 pages.

Publisher's blurb:
Renowned North East linguist and historian, Bill Griffiths, takes the reader on a journey through the cooking history of the North East. He takes us back in time to the way North East kitchens used to be - from the griddle on an open fire, via the 'beehive' oven and polished kitchen range, right through to the modern day microwave oven. He also takes a fascinating look at traditional North East fare and cooking skills - including changing tastes and supply of foods - peppered with recipes for traditional favourites such as pease pudding, pikelets and panackelty. And of course, all of this is served up with generous helpings of dialect, stories, poems and humour, alongside nostalgic pictures and drawings. Bill says: Stotty is more than a regional recipe book - it's a trip down memory lane to be enjoyed across generations.