The Tyne Songster
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1840 Author: Anon
Publisher: W. &. T. Fordyce ISBN:  

A Choice Selection of Songs in the Newcastle Dialect
According to wikipedia, Tyne Songster contains some 225 song lyrics on over 300 pages. This is not borne out by my personal copy which only has 84 pages. As of 17.12.19, the discrepancy has not yet been resolved.
Publisher's blurb:
No pompous strains, nor labour'd lines are here,
But genuine mirth and sportive wit appear;
Northumbria's genius, in her simple rhymes;
Shall live an emblem to succeeding times.
Personal remarks:
Among the many lyrics, the followings songs by Robert Nunn are given:
It also has versions of Dance to Your Daddy by W. Watson, The Collier's Rant and Buy Broom Buzzems