The Shields Song Book
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1826 Author:  
Publisher: C. W. Barnes ISBN:  

The Shields Song Book, being a Collection of comic and sentimental songs never before published, Written by Gentlemen of the neighbourhood. South Shields, printed by C. W. Barnes, Thrift Street, 1826
26 pages.
The following songs are given:
  1. The Devil (or The Nanny Goat) to the tune of Weel bred Cappy
  2. Song to the tune of A herring in salt
  3. The Skipper's Mistake to the tune of The Chapter of Accidents
  4. The Pitman's description of La Perouse, performed for many successive nights at the South Shields Theatre - to the tune of Betsy Baker
  5. Song to the tune of The Rosebud of summer
  6. A Parody on Auld Lang Syne to the tune of Auld Lang Syne
  7. Canny Shields to the tune of Honey Moon
  8. Shields Races to the tune of The de'il cam fiddling through the Town
  9. The Cliffs of Virginia to the tune of Drops of Brandy
  10. Up and war them A, Willy
  11. Unknown
  12. The Life boat to the tune of Drawing a long bow or, how to tell a story
  13. The Irishman to the tune of Wonderful Lunnin
  14. The Westoe Darling to the tune of Such a beauty I do grow