Susato: Musyck Boexken
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: Timothy McTaggart
Publisher: A-R Editions ISBN: 0895793792
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Dutch Songs for Four Voices (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, Vol 108)
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The author, Timothy McTaggart , February 15, 2000
The 16th-century Dutch song, an edition and commentary. In 1551 Antwerp printer Tielman Susato began publication of his "Musyck Boexken," a series devoted to Dutch-texted polyphonic songs.This was the most serious attempt by a 16th-century publisher to popularize the genre. Books 1 and 2 contain 55 "amoreuse liedekens" written in the contrapuntal style of the Netherlands school. Among the 11 Flemish composers who contributed are Josquin Baston, Carolus Souliaert, Lupus Hellinck, Jheronimus Vinders, and Susato himself. A main ingredient in this music is the enigmatic Dutch texts, which are best understood with reference to the cultural history of the Low Countries. This new edition makes available a fascinating but rarely performed repertory, which provides a glimpse into the musical culture of 16th-century Antwerp and the social mores of its middle-class inhabitants.