The Book of Navy Songs
Last updated: 05.05.20
Printed: 1961 Author: Trident Society
Publisher: United States Naval Institute ISBN: 0870211064
Copyright: USNI    
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Hardcover - 159 pages (December 1985)
37 Naval Academy Songs and 56 Wardroom Songs collected and edited by the Trident Society of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland
Personal remarks:
I purchased this book, a 3rd printing, in almost mint condition for a princely £25 back in the late 1980's and has obviously never been used. This an excellently produced book entirely suitable for the young gentlemen at United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. The League of American Mothers will find no fault here either; the peak of bawdiness is achieved with the word "doggone" and that only once in The Marine Pilot's Hymn. It is entirely innocuous. For example, knowers of true Naval Songs would be completely astonished at the Abdul Abulbul Amir version given herein. In Bless 'Em All, the word "bless" actually substitutes for that common naval 4-letter word containing the characters k and f as its final and initial letters respectively. This Book of "Navy Songs" also contains For Those In Peril on the Sea and I've Got Sixpence. I could rattle on but please buy the book yourself, dear surfer. I have commented on Blow, Boys, Blow elsewhere.
For all of the above, it is still an excellent songbook which completely fulfils its intended purpose of being "the musical bible for the midshipmen at the Naval Academy". Its layout is exemplary. The book contains clear and extensive guitar and ukulele tuning charts. For those outside the Naval Academy, the songbook provides a valuable social comment on attitudes prevalent in the American officer "upper-classes" of the 1950's and before. For myself, I particularly enjoy those songs pertaining to the Philippines and Farewell to Grog (1862). It also cleared up a little conundrum regarding The West Atlantic Squadron (Grey Funnel Lines) and The North Atlantic Squadron (Rugby Songs) with US Navy version, The Armored Cruiser Squadron. This is the source for:
  1. Blow, Ye Winds
  2. Boston
  3. Farewell to Grog
  4. Old Sailors Never Die
  5. Whiskey Johnny