The Shape-Note Study Book
Last updated: 22.11.19
Printed: 1950 Author: John Jacob Niles
Publisher: E.C. Schirmer Music Company ISBN:  
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Selected from "The Sacred Harp" (1844) and "The Southern Harmony" (1835),

Publisher's blurb:
Hymns intended for group unison singing with piano or organ accompaniment, as preparation for a capella singing in SATB and SSA form. In place of the original four, five or seven Shape-notes, conventional notation has been adopted and a more up-to-date form of harmony employed in the piano settings. 8 songs, including: When I Am Gone; Warrenton; Wayfaring Stranger; Wondrous Love; Primrose; Spiritual Sailor; Kedron; Hebrew Children. Selected from The Sacred Harp (1844) and The Southern Harmony (1835).