The Story of the Sacred Harp, 1844-1944
Last updated: 22.11.19
Printed: 2010 Author: George Pullen Jackson'
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press ISBN: 978-0826510181
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Library Binding: 56 pages

Publisher's blurb:
The Sacred Harp is the most famous of the shape-note hymnals, a collection of over five hundred four-part a cappella hymns dating back over a hundred and fifty years. Shape-note singing itself is seeing a resurgence in popularity with sings being organized all over the country. And yet, George Pullen Jackson's groundbreaking history of the first hundred years of the hymnal has been out of print and hard to come by for decades. But now, The Story of the Sacred Harp, 1844-1944 is back in print and available for music lovers, historians, and librarians alike.