The Music of Stuart Saunders Smith
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1996 Author: John P. Welsh
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 031329805X
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Hardcover - 400 pages (February 28, 1996), usually ships within 4-6 weeks.
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From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1996
A study of Stuart Saunders Smith's work includes an investigation into jazz, percussion, beat poetry, musical mobiles, operas, and solo percussion performances. Johnston takes all these elements in hand, detailing the construction of trans-media pieces such as Return and Recall, and scanning selected scores: One for Syl, A Vietnam Memorial, Aussie Blue, Notebook. Includes an interview with the composer, extensive diagrams, and reproductions of the the music scores.
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Book Description In the music of Stuart Saunders Smith (b. 1948), jazz, the avant-garde, and sound-text poetry coalesce. Through the years he has concentrated on certain kinds of composition--open form, radio music, trans-media systems, and sound-text poetry. Although Smith considers himself a jazz composer and drummer, his work has been absorbed into a wider range of contemporary musical efforts, both in the United States and Europe.