Maligned Master
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1994 Author: Volkmar Braunbehrens
Publisher: Fromm International ISBN: 088064155X
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The Real Story of Antonio Salieri
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Today Antonio Salieri is largely famous as Mozart's rival and, possibly, murderer. The play and movie Amadeus have revived the old legend. Rather few people also know Salieri's work, which only in recent years has begun to be performed again. In this first biography of Salieri in 160 years we discover that Salieri was one of the most important opera composers of his time; the success of several of his over forty operas was spectacular. In Vienna, where Beethoven, Schubert and Liszt were among his pupils, he was the most influential personage in the music world, and he was celebrated throughout Europe - from Naples to Copenhagen, and from Lisbon to Moscow. Braunbehrens examines the composer's life and carefully analyzes his relationship with Mozart, tracing the legends surrounding their relationship back to their sources and setting the record straight. We come to realize that only posterity placed Salieri in Mozart's shadow. The author also discusses in detail all of Salieri's operas, both the libretti and the music. With Maligned Master he has written an important document for everybody interested in the history of opera. from Baton Rouge, LA , August 3, 1999
Very Informative, But Too Technical.This book is a long-overdue tribute to a much and unfairly maligned operatic genius of classical Italian music, who was one of Beethoven's teachers. The book contains not only a Salieri biography, but a detailed history of the opera in to Salieri's day and rightly regards him as the successor of Gluck's reform operas. The major fault of the book is that it will appeal mainly to musicians and musical historians rather than the general reader due to its over-technical nature with regard to some areas. Still, the best book about Salieri's life and art.