First Book of the Recorder
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: Philip Hawthorn
Publisher: E D C Publications ISBN: 074602987X
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Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback - 64 pages Revised edition (October 1997), ships in 2-3 days. UK:
Title: The Usbourne First Book of the Recorder, ships in 2-3 days.
Amazon Review:
I haven't played any musical instruments since I took flute and piano lessons in school. I had forgotten everything about playing an instrument and hadn't a clue how to read music.
So I decided to go back to the very beginning and learn how to play the humble school recorder again. This book is amazing. In less than two days it had me reading simple music and playing simple tunes. Everything is explained simply and clearly and has exercises to help you remember what you have learned.
I recommend this to anyone wanting to rekindle theri passion for music ... you'll be playing in no time.
It's also simple enough for very young children.

my review of " The usbourne 1st book of the recorder.".
I think this book is brilliant for children of all ages and as a teenager,have now been learning the recorder for 7 years. this book really helped me teach myself, i can now also read music which i would have never bothered to have learnt. I still play my recorder now and am just starting "The usbourne book of 200 easy recorder tunes. i gave up in year 6 as all my friends were loosing intrest now in year 9 i have begun again and this book has helped me out with the basics again. The book has brilliant cartoons which make it easy to understand whilst making it fun and jokey. It has large print so it is easy to read. i suggest this book for children age 4 upwards. this book and a recorder may not seem a good christmas present at the time but most kids will play one so one day s/he will want to play it.