Bless 'em All!
Last updated: 29.05.20
Printed: 1992 Author: Denis Gifford
Publisher: Fraser Stewart Book Wholesale Ltd. ISBN: 1 874 723 206
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The World War Two Songbook with a foreword by Spike Milligan.
Personal remarks:
I purchased this book whilst on holiday in London as a remaindered item, a real bargain at £3.75 compared with its original princely sale price of £12.95. A little sad because this is for me a beautiful book with a delightful foreword and description by Spike Milligan and Dennis Gifford respectively. As Spike Milligan writes in the foreword, this book is a little time capsule from those distant days of the Second World War. I consciously heard most of these songs on the radio in the late 1940s, a great childhood favourite being "Run, Rabbit Run". Nostalgic indeed for the immediate post-war period of deprivation and ration books.
  1. There Always Be An England (1939)
  2. Run Rabbit Run!, (1939)
  3. Goodnight Children Everywhere (1939)
  4. We'll meet again, (1939)
  5. They Cant Black Out The Moon (1939)
  6. Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant-Major (1939)
  7. The Washing on the Siegfried Line (1939)
  8. Adolf (1939)
  9. Oh! What A Surprise For The Du-ce! (1940)
  10. Bless 'em All (1940)
  1. He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings (1941)
  2. That Lovely Week-end (1941)
  3. Mister Brown Of London Town (1941)
  4. When They sound The Last All-Clear (1941)
  5. The White Cliffs of Dover (1941)
  6. Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland (1942)
  7. If I Had Lots Of Coupons (1943)
  8. Get Crackin (1943)
  9. Lilli Marlene (1944)
  10. I'm Going To Get Lit Up (1943)