The Great New Zealand Songbook
Last updated: 18.04.20
Printed: 1991 Author: Les Cleveland
Publisher: Godwit Press Ltd ISBN: 0-908877-08-0
Copyright: Godwit 1991    
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Publisher's blurb: "The Great New Zealand Songbook brings together over 60 homegrown Kiwi songs, from pioneering days to the present. Most can be sung without difficulty, and they are accompanied by music, guitar chords and explanatory notes. From classics like "David Lowston" and "Blue Smoke" to recent compositions like "Keep It Small" and "The Ballad of the Export Sheep", these are songs with a distinctive New Zealand identity setting them apart from the sea of imported material that surrounds us.
Personal remarks:
This is a very interesting and well-produced book, which I picked up when visiting New Zealand in 1994, and one that I dip into quite often. There are footnotes, articles and anecdotes galore providing necessary background information when performing NZ folk-songs. A must for the song collector.
This is the source for The Drover's Dream and Walking on my feet.