Norwegian English Dictionary
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1965 Author: E Haugen
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press ISBN: 0299038742
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Amazon Review
Reviewer: Louis Janus (Minneapolis, MN USA)
As a Scandinavian linguist and teacher of Norwegian, I highly recommend the Haugen Dictionary (known among Norwegian teachers and students as 'the green dictionary'). In this one compact volume, you'll find grammatical forms, both bokmål and nynorsk (and dialectal words), a summary of the history and morphology of Norwegian, idioms, pronunciation of almost all words, including vowel length and tonemes, usage examples from everyday speech as well as literary works, etc. etc. I've used the dictionary since I was in graduate school, and can't think of a time it failed to list a word I wanted to know. As opposed to most other Scandinavian translating dictionaries, this one is aimed at Americans, rather than Scandinavians. Pronunciation guides are intended to help Americans. If you need to find Norwegian equivalents of English words, buy another dictionary. If you simply want the best for explaining Norwegian usage, this is the one to buy.