Recorder Players Handbook
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1974 Author: Hans-Martin Linde
Publisher: European American Music Distribution Corporation ISBN: 0930448111
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Paperback (June 1974), usually ships within 4-6 weeks.
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Reviewer: A reader from St. Louis, MO
This book is a classic recorder reference. It was originally published in 1962. Be forewarned - this book is targeted to a musically sophisticated reader. The book begins with a section on the mechanics of sound production with the recorder; and offers suggestions on selection and care of an instrument. This is followed by the weakest part of the book; a somewhat unsatisfactory covering of recorder technique. Much of what is explained in this section is quite basic; despite that, it is rather confusing and hard to follow. This is followed by a truly excellent and complete discussion of the history of the recorder, and its place in music. This is divided into two sections: recorder practice and stylistic problems prior to 1600, and practice and problems 1600-1750. These sections cover such topics as articulation, ornamentation, notation, tempo and rhythm, and place the recorder in context with composers of the era. The text occasionally awkward, reflecting difficulties in translation from the original German; and the bibliography is quite out of date.