Henry VIII
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1968 Author: J. J. Scarisbrick
Publisher: University of California Press ISBN: 0520011309
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Amazon Customer Review
Exhaustive and exhausting. Reviewer: jeeldrsecret@yahoo.com from Arlington, VA. July 22, 1999
Prof. Scarisbrick has written the definitive biography of Henry VIII and his times, even though this book is about 30 years old. Scarisbrick brought an interesting view to the subject: as a Roman Catholic he was the first British author granted access to Vatican archives for his research on the subject. The result is a still cogent, absolutely exhaustive book on the subject. Entailing a practically week by week account of Henry VIII's reign is overwhelming but of the utmost help for students of the subject. If you are looking for a light introduction to Henry VIII, this is probably not the place. But if you want *all* the (mind-numbing) details on Henry VIII, look no further than Scarisbrick's brilliant work.