Arabic Phrase Book
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Printed: 1998 Author: Berlitz
Publisher: Berlitz Publishing Company ISBN: 2831562643
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Paperback - 192 pages Rev. Ed edition (26 February, 1998) , usually ships within 2-3 days.
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The author, Sameh Saeed Abood / , August 12, 1999
Science and legend are two methods of social change
A big argument is been stimulated nowadays on the political field concerning enlightenment under the threatened represented by the Islamic movement in our region to all that have been accomplished from modernization and secularization during the past 200 years preaching of more declination and retardation threatening the existence of all democratic and secularizing itself and not only the left wing ,that if the circumstances helped it to reach to the power. But the truth that this book talks about and observes through research is that true enlightenment shouldn't only be accomplished in face of political Islam but also and on the same degree of importance in face of main political powers in our society (nationalists with their variation from supporters of regionalism even if it was Egyptians or arabicism and even if they were in resistance or ruling .And the Marxism LNINISM with their different direction Stalinism, Maoism, Trotskyism). Liberals as they rise in resistance or ruling. Islamic weather they were moderates or radicals).and in face of all social and cultural trends that if we wanted a real liberation for the social mind from its cuffs and if we wanted to achieve on effective ,social enlightenment. (Available in print issue 10 E. P).