Twice 44 Sociable Songs
Last updated: 17.04.20
Printed: 1928 Author: Geoffrey Shaw
Publisher: Hawkes & Son (London) Ltd ISBN:  
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Sheet music:
88 mostly English, some Scottish and many hymns collected and arranged by Geoffrey Shaw.
My comments:
This is another jewel in my collection as it contains so many really old and quaint English songs. For good measure, this little songbook is autographed by the great man himself. It is another book that I found in a Malvern second-hand book-shop.
This is the source for:
  1. All through the night
  2. Gossip Joan
  3. If music be the food of love
  4. The Jolly Waggoner
  5. My daddy is dead
  6. O Soldier Won't You Marry Me?
  7. To all you Ladies