Regina Song Album No. 17
Last updated: 17.04.20
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10 simple piano arrangements
My comments:
This is a treasured album that lived in my ditty box for years and years. I used to have great fun singing the songs and trying to accompany myself on the piano both at H.M.S. Collingwood and in H.M.S. Victorious. My piano playing was always lousy and I never succeeded (although I tried hard enough) but the fun was playing so slowly that I could manage the full chords, play the melody and sing simultaneously. The effect was very comic, like a perpetually run-down gramophone.
  1. Jeanie with the light brown hair
  2. Beautiful Dreamer
  3. Ilkley Moor Baht'at
  4. Home on the Range
  5. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  6. Grandfather's Clock
  7. Clementine
  8. Sweet Genevieve
  9. The Old Rustic Bridge
  10. There is a Tavern in the Town