The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs
Last updated: 26.02.22
Printed: 1975 Author: Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L. Lloyd
Publisher: Penguin Books Limited ISBN:  
Copyright: Lloyd & Williams 1959    

70 English folk songs from the journal of the Folk Song Society and the journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.
Personal remarks:
I bought this book way back in the late seventies whilst on holiday in Portsmouth with the intention of learning folk songs from it for singing within the family circle. It is a very scholarly work having many interesting songs not noted else where.
After having dragged its yellow pages from its decade long slumber in the file-box, it will now (January 2001) remain on my desk for a few weeks as there are many fine songs to be learned in it.
Since writing the above in 2001, in 2013 this little songbook is finally being used and is my source for the following songs: