Lonely Planet China
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2002 Author: Damian, Harper
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications ISBN: 1740591178
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Amazon Review
Reviewer: A reader from Norwich, CT United States
The reviewer from Ottawa, Ontario Canada was way off. this book is the Swiss army knife of practical knowledge concerning how to survive, get around, and even have a great time in the massively complex and ever-changing world that is china. granted, the book has a cheeky, irreverent air to it, but believe me when I say this humour came as a great psychological boost at times. I know, I travelled extensively in china for 1 year and also lived in Shanghai. I went there speaking no Chinese at all and managed to learn to speak passably well by the time I had to leave. let's be realistic; it is impossible to fit all of china into 1 book. Shanghai alone could fill a book this size, but what lonely planet sacrifices in up-to-the-minute nightlife coverage in major cities (this purpose is served far better by English city mags) and historical information (not to mention pretty pictures) it more than makes up for with it's sheer volume of practical information from all over china. how to get to, tour, eat, sleep, and even attempt to get off the beaten track (becoming really hard in china) at any location in this massive country. I sincerely believe it would take a lifetime for a single individual to compile this much information. this book isn't perfect, some info is out-of-date, but if you're going to china, it is indispensable.