Touring Niagara Wine Country
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2003 Author: Linda Bramble
Publisher: Lorimer ISBN: 1550287958
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Paperback: 96 pages, usually ships within 1 to 2
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Ontario's beautiful Niagara region is home to many fine vineyards and wineries. It also boasts handsome villages, historic homes and museums, fine inns and restaurants, drama and music festivals, and lush, verdant scenery.
Wine authority Linda Bramble offers a freshly updated guided tour of Niagara's 40+ wineries. She shares her insider's knowledge on wine making, local cuisine, and the area's history. There are seven theme tours for the intrepid wine taster featuring recommended wineries. This book is lavishly illustrated with images by Niagara photographer Dwayne Coon, and includes maps and listings information. It is an invaluable guide for visitors and a beautiful keepsake.