Efficient Society: Why Canada is as Close to Utopia as It Gets
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2005 Author: Joseph Heath
Publisher: Penguin Books Limited ISBN: 0140292489
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Paperback: 339 pages
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In this fascinating account of what makes Canada such a successful society, Joseph Heath celebrates the much-maligned value of efficiency and asks some searching questions about the forces that threaten to undermine our quality of life. In Canada, personal liberty takes precedence over collective well-being, which makes it an efficient society, but this efficiency is under siege. Can we resist the allure of shortsighted tax cuts? Can we maintain our quality of life in the face of relentless pressure to increase our productivity-both at work and at home?
This is a profound and important look at how government and business conspire to improve our lives-and at the dramatic changes that will decide our social and economic future.