Dietrich Buxtehude : Organist in Lubeck
Last updated: 03.05.20
Printed: 1993 Author: Kerala J. Snyder
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company ISBN: 0028724550
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Amazon Review
A vivid biography of an interesting Baroque composer, November 15, 1998
Reviewer:McIrvine@IX.Netcom.Comfrom New York
Dieterich Buxtehude (d. 1707) was an organist and composer in Lubeck. Claimed as a major cultural figure by both Danes and Germans, Buxtehude was hailed as one the three great "B"s of the German Baroque. Buxtehude wrote both organ music and vocal music that served as models for J. S. Bach, who made a pilgrimage to Lubeck to hear Buxtehude. But Buxtehude's music is exciting and important in its own right. Professor Snyder has written a book that makes Buxtehude and his music come alive. Her writing reflects thorough scholarship, but is also always clear, direct, and engaging. This is one of the best composer biographies that I've ever read. It will appeal to any music reader with an interest in Baroque music, and should be on the bookshelf (well it is actually on my desk since I use it often) of any organist or student of Baroque music.