1803-1832 Berlioz: Volume One: The Making of an Artist
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2000 Author: David Cairns
Publisher: University of California Press ISBN: 0520221990
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Hardcover - 648 pages Vol 1 (March 6, 2000)
Amazon Review
The New York Times Book Review, David Coward
[Cairns] tells the story with sober elegance and uncommon sympathy. He is a marvelous guide to the musical life and aesthetic arguments of 19th-century Europe and shows Berlioz as a man of his times.
Roger Norrington, Independent
"This biography is kindled by sympathy and enthusiasm for its subject, and is written with a lifelong professional experience of Berlioz behind it. It is also beautifully and interestingly written. The chapters flow together like Berlioz's own harmonic changes, and with equal resonance." See all editorial reviews...