My Notebook
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2001 Author: Kent Redeker
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 0689839952
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Amazon Review
Gr 3-4-Created to look like a spiral-bound, lined notebook, the pages of this book are busy conglomerations of writing, drawing, collage, and photos, a veritable scrapbook in which a child archives her thoughts and descriptions of her relationships. Third-grade Angela, a female Alfred E. Newman look-alike, and her best friend, Gina Lash, harbor a distinct dislike for classmate Nanette Manoir, and for their teacher, Mrs. Brinks. Angela has very definite opinions of everyone and everything, from what foods shouldn't be folded into gelatin to the members of her own family, all recorded here for posterity. Although similar in concept to Angelo DeCesare's Flip's Fantastic Journal (Dutton, 1999), Angela's notebook is busier and her mode of expression is much more sophisticated, sometimes in an obnoxious way. Angela's preadolescence shows in her assessment of everything; she enjoys being outspoken, and, at times, shocking. Many children will find the varied graphics and sometimes outrageous text appealing, especially those who appreciate irreverent, inhibition-free humor.
-Lynda Ritterman, Atco Elementary School, Waterford, NJCopyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
Book Description
Hello to everyone! My name is Angela Anaconda and I've written a book about me, on account of my best friend Gina Lash saying that I should write about all the exciting things that happen to me. In this book is everything you need to know about almost everybody I know, like my friend Johnny Abatti (who is pretty okay, for a boy); my dog, King; Mrs. Brinks, my fourth-grade teacher who wears a wig; my family; and Nanette not-French Manoir, the prissy princess of Tapwater Springs.