English Consort Music - Browning My Dere
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Rene Gailly
Release Date: 19 September, 1995
Performed by Marion Verbruggen and Flanders Recorder Quartet (with Geert van Gele).
1. Browning a 5, for instrumental consort by William Byrd
2. In Nomine a 5 ("Reporte") by Christopher Tye
3. In Nomine a 5 ("Crye") by Christopher Tye
4. In Nomine a 5 ("Re la re") by Christopher Tye
5. Browning my dere (on the theme The Leaves be Green) by Henry Stonings
6. In Nomine a 4, for instrumental consort, No. 1 by William Byrd
7. In Nomine a 5, for instrumental consort, No. 4 by William Byrd
8. Browning My Dere, for 5 recorders by Clement Woodcocke
9. Lachrimea Antiquae by John Dowland
10. Sir Henry Umpton's Funerall, for lute by John Dowland
11. The Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, His Galliard, P42a by John Dowland
12. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens for lute, P9 by John Dowland
13. King of Denmark His Galliard for lute, P40 by John Dowland
14. A Browninge of 3 voc. by John Baldwyn
15. Proporcions to the minum by John Baldwine
16. Coockow as I me walked by John Baldwine
17. Sit Fast a 3 by Christopher Tye
18. Browning a 3 by Elway Bevin
19. Fantasia by John Ward
20. Fantasia by Richard Dering
21. Fantasia by John Okeover
22. Canzon by Thomas Simpson