Henry Purcell, Catherine Bott - Sweeter than Roses
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Oiseau lyre
Designation: L'Oiseau Lyre/Spec. Imps #443699
Release Date: 16 November, 1995
Restoration Theatre Songs
  1. My Lodging It Is On The Cold Ground, Matthew Locke
  2. Lovely Selina , John Blow
  3. Retir'd From Any Mortal's Sight, Henry Purcell
  4. Where Art Thou, God Of Dreams , Giovanni B. Draghi
  5. Fairest Isle
  6. Pursuing Beauty, Henry Purcell
  7. Music For A While, Henry Purcell
  8. Iin Vain 'Gainst Love In Vain I Strove, Henry Purcell
  9. Creep, Creep, Softly Creep, Raphael Courteville
  10. There's Not A Swain On The Plain, Henry Purcell
  11. Thrice Happy Lovers, Henry Purcell
  12. O Let Me Weep ('The Plaint')
  13. See Where Repenting Celia Lies, Henry Purcell: Performed by Catherine Bott/Pamela Thorby/Anthony Robson/Pavlo Beznosiuk/Rachel Podger/Paula Chateauneuf
  14. The Cares Of Lovers, Henry Purcell
  15. Ah! How Sweet It Is To Love, Henry Purcell
  16. Find Me A Lonely Cave , Solomon Eccles
  17. Dry Those Eyes , John Weldon
  18. Dear Pretty Youth, Henry Purcell
  19. Halcyon Days, John Weldon
  20. O Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom , Henry Purcell
  21. Sweeter Than Roses, Henry Purcell