From Byrd to Birds / Musica Dolce
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Bis
Release Date: 01 January, 1976
Performed by Musica Dolce Recorder Consort with Eva Hagberg, Karin Ivarson, Anders-Per Jonsson, Anders Mjönes, Clas Pehrsson.
  1. Concerto D-Moll Nr. 6, Opus 15: no 6 in D minor by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
  2. Canzon a 5 "O Nachbar Roland" by Samuel Scheidt
  3. Browning my dere by Clement Woodcocke
  4. The Leaves Be Green a 5 by William Byrd
  5. Epigrams (3) for 4 Recorders by Peter Lyne
  6. Little Suite for 2 Recorders by Moses Pergament
  7. Plöner Musiktag: Recorder Trio by Paul Hindemith
  8. Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock
  9. Alla fåglar kommit re'n by Anon
  10. Små gökarna by Anonymous
  11. Spring Song by Prins Gustaf
  12. March militaire by Franz Schubert
  13. Jag har hört om en stad by Anonymous
  14. American Patrol (1885) by Frank W. Meacham
  15. Mupparna by Jim Henson