O Lusty May
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Dorian
Release Date: 3 April 2000
Unknown works by Thomas Morley, Anon, John Playford I, Thomas Ravenscroft performed by Alison Melville and Terry McKenna.
  1. Now Is The Month Of Maying
  2. Joan To The Maypople
  3. Bellamira & Emperor Of The Moon
  4. Now The Lusty Spring Is Seen
  5. Willy Prithee Go To Bed
  6. Greenwood & Hunt The Squirrel
  7. Come Away, Come Sweel Love
  8. Engels Nachtegaeltje
  9. Beauty Sat Bathing
  10. All in A Garden Green
  11. This Merry Pleasant Spring
  12. Woodycock
  13. Allons Au Vert Boccage
  14. Basse-Dance 'Jouissance'
  15. La Terre N'agures Glacee
  16. La Rousee Du Joly Mois De May
  17. Frias Et Gaillard
  18. Quand Ce Beau Printemps Je Voy
  19. A Jigge/Squirrel's Lament/The Suquirrel's Toy
  20. Ma Belle Si Ton Ame
  21. O Lusty May
  22. See, See The Shepherds' Queen