La fête le l'âne - traditions du moyen âge
Last updated: 06.04.21
Designation: HMT 7901036
Works by Anon performed by Clemencic Consort:Sergio Vartolo (counter tenor), Mieczylslaw Antoniak (counter tenor, tenor), Andrew Schultze (baritone), René Zosso (chant, vielle à roue), René Clemencic (recorder), Mikis Michaelides (Viele, rebab)
Frantisek Pok, Andràs Kécskès (luth, qobus), Esmail Vasseghi (tabmour, tympany), Anne Osnowycz (épinette des Vossges)
  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of the Crook to the master of the feast
  3. Mass of the Asses and of the Drunkards Procession