Frans Brüggen Edition Vol. 10 (Telemann: Concerti)
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Teldec classique
Release Date: 17 June, 1996
Georg Philipp Telemann: Concerti performed by Otto Fleischmann, Frans Brüggen. This CD is also part of the Frans Brüggen Edition Vols. 1-12.
1. Overture In A Minor Twv 55: A 2 (Ouverture, Les Plaisirs, Air A L Italien, Menuet, Alternativement, Rejouissance, Passepied, Polonaise)
2. Concerto In C Major (Allegretto, Allegro, Andante, Tempo Di Menuet)
3. Concerto A 6 I F Major (Largo, Vivace, Largo, Allegro)