Music of the Spheres
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: Globe
Designation: 1997
Release Date: GLO 5163
Works performed by Brisk Recorder Consort with Maarten Koningsberger (baritone), Mike Fentross (lute).
  1. Ye sacred muses, William Byrd
  2. Fantasia a 4, William Byrd
  3. Come to me, grief, forever, William Byrd
  4. No more, good herdsman, Richard Nicholson
  5. I am not I of such belief, Richard Nicholson
  6. Can she excuse my wrongs, John Dowland
  7. The Earl of Essex's Galliard, John Dowland
  8. Shall I strive with words to move, John Dowland
  9. Mr. Henry Noell his Galliard, John Dowland
  10. A doleful deadly pang, Nicholas Strogers
  11. Mistrust not truth, Nicholas Strogers
  12. Fortune my foe, John Dowland
  13. Engelsche Fortuyn, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
  14. Cantilena Anglica Fortunae, Samuel Scheidt
  15. Eliza, her name gives honour, John Bennet
  16. Were I made juror, William Wigthorpe
  17. Paduan, Courant, Volta, John Dowland
  18. 18 Sorrow, come John Dowland/William Wigthorpe