Dowland, Ortiz, Serocki, et al / Antwerp Recorder Consort
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Ricercar
Release Date: 19 November, 1996
Works performed by Antwerp Recorder Consort
  1. Istampita Tre Fontane by Anon
  2. T'Andernaeken by Anonymous
  3. La Spagna by Anonymous
  4. Recercada Quarta on Sandrin's Sobre Doulce Memoire by Diego Ortiz
  5. Recercada Segonde on Sandrin's Sobre Doulce Memoire by Diego Ortiz
  6. Recercada Ottava by Diego Ortiz
  7. Galliard Battaglia by Samuel Scheidt
  8. Pavane Et Gaillarde Sur La Bataille Tielman Susato
  9. Fantasia Cromatica by Diomedes Cato
  10. Lachrimae Antiquae Pavan by John Dowland
  11. The Earle Of Essex Galiard by John Dowland
  12. Lachrimae,, Pavans,, Galiards & Almands Vol. IV [Captaine Digorie Piper His Galiard] by John Dowland
  13. Lamento Di Tristano by Italian Anonymous
  14. Sinf Sesta by Johann Rosenmüller
  15. Fantasia for organ in C major, BWV 570 by Johann Sebastian Bach
  16. Fantasia upon one note, for 5 viols in F major, Z. 745 Henry Purcell
  17. Arrangements, for recorder consort by Kazimierz Serocki
  18. Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral by John Dowland