Kickin' the Clouds Away
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Klavier
Release Date: February 6, 2001
Works performed by Muriel Pollock
  1. Kickin' the Clouds Away, George Gershwin
  2. I Was So Young (You Were So Beautiful) [Ballad], George Gershwin
  3. Whip-Poor-Will, George Gershwin
  4. Sweet and Low Down, George Gershwin
  5. Ain't You Comin' Back to Dixieland?, Richard A. Whiting
  6. Swanee, George Gershwin
  7. Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo, George Gershwin
  8. That Certain Feeling, George Gershwin
  9. Grieving for You, Joe Gold
  10. Some Sunday Morning, George Elbridge Whiting
  11. Left All Alone Again Blues, Jerome Kern
  12. Make Believe, Nathaniel Shilkret
  13. Land Where the Good Songs Go, Jerome Kern
  14. Drifting Along With the Tide, George Gershwin
  15. For Your Country and My Country, Irving Berlin
  16. So Am I, George Gershwin
  17. Whose Baby Are You?, Jerome Kern
  18. Rock-A-Bye, Lullabye Mammy, Walter Donaldson
  19. Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin