Echoes from the Snowball Club
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: Stomp Off Records
Release Date: 1108
  1. Calliope Rag, James Sylvester Scott
  2. Echoes From the Snowball Club (1898), Harry P. Guy
  3. Ma Ragtime Baby
  4. The Chevy Chase (1914), Eubie Blake
  5. A Bunch of Blues
  6. Superior Rag, Ferdinand Morton
  7. Medley (balimore Buzz, in Honeysuckle Time)
  8. Belle of the Philippines, Fred S. Stone
  9. Kitchen Tom, Eubie Blake
  10. Bos'n Rag, Fred S. Stone
  11. Roberto Clemente, (orchestrated), David Thomas Roberts
  12. Medley (rufus Rastus Johnson Brown, There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight)
  13. Roberto Clemente, David Thomas Roberts
  14. Florida Rag (1905), George L. Lowry
  15. A Tennessee Tantalizer (1900), Charles H. Hunter
  16. Tiger Rag, ''Nick'' D.J. La Rocca
  17. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
  18. Poor Jimmie Green, Eubie Blake
  19. Dead Man Blues, Ferdinand Morton
  20. Call Me Shine
  21. Pork and Beans (1913), Charles L. Roberts