Scottish Pipes & Drums
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Arc Music
Designation: 1347
Release Date: 06 August, 1996
  1. Lochanside
  2. Dr. Ross's Welcome To The Northern Meeting/Bengullion/Pipe Major Sam Scott
  3. Wee Pat/Dalnahassaig/O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch/Nora O'Neil/Heather Island/Tripping Up The ...
  4. The Mason's Apron/Steal Away/Queen Of The Rushes/Rocking The Baby/Crossing The Minch
  5. Big Oz/Molly Connol/Mac An' Irish/Christie MacLeod/Shetland Reel/Achmore Loch/Wee Buns/Jig In The ..
  6. Gillian's Reel/Snake Hips/Mercury Sweep/Lough Conn/O'Rourke's Reel
  7. Loch Lomond/Stop Your Tickling Jock/Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie/I Love A Lassie/Roses O'Prince Charlie
  8. Lochiel's Welcome/Steamboat/RSPBA's Welcome To Pittodrie/Major Bobby
  9. Glencoe/The Piper's Waltz
  10. We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa
  11. The Kesh Jig/Tam Fraser Jig/Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife/The Eavesdropper/Going To The Well ...
  12. Highland Wedding/Dorrator Bridge/Brown Haired Maid
  13. The Barren Rocks Of Aden/The Brown Haired Maiden/Highland Laddie
  14. Silver Threads Among The Gold/Maggie/MacPherson's Rant/The Lea Rigg/Wha Saw The 42nd
  15. The Green Berets