In the Naval Spirit
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: Neptune Tapes
Designation: NEP 000
Release Date: 1989
Traditional Songs from the 20th Century Royal Navy
  1. That's What I Like in the Navy
  2. I Was Walking Through the Dockyard in a Panic
  3. 23rd Flotilla Song
  4. Canteen Medley: Paint Ship Song / Swim Back You Bastard to Me / Dardanelles Patrol Song / Take My Tip, Pack Your Grip
  5. You'll Be Happy Little Sweetheart in the Spring
  6. Gosport Nancy
  7. Jenny Wren Bride (Roud 8345)
  8. A Matelot and a Pongo
  9. Stripey and Blondie
  10. An A A. Gunner Lay Dying
  11. Corrosion Has Set In
  12. Waiting for the Day
  13. Mary Was a Three Badge Wren
  14. The A25 Song
  15. The Sinking of HMS 'Hood'