Nowell Sing We
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: NSB Records
Designation: NSB08
  1. The Holly and the Ivy
  2. The Seven Joys of Mary
  3. The Holly Tree / A Merry Xmas
  4. The Green Man Song
  5. Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day / Dancing Day Jig
  6. The Gower Wassaill
  7. The Mistletoe Waltz
  8. King Herod and the Cock / The Miraculous Harvest
  9. Christmas Song (The Trees are all Bare)
  10. I 'll Come O 'er / Mr Ireland 's Christmas Party
  11. The Miner 's Dream of Home
  12. The Ditchling Carol
  13. All and Some
  14. The Plum Pudding Polka