Boiled in Lead
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Omnium
Release Date: 01 November, 1991
No. Title MP3's
1. The Man Who Was Boiled in Lead flag15us.gif 
2. Banish Misfortune / The Road to Lisdoonvarna / O'Keefe's Slide flag15us.gif 
3. Byker Hill flag15us.gif 
4. Jamie Across the Water flag15us.gif 
5. Arpad's Guz flag15us.gif 
6. Over Under Sideways Down flag15us.gif 
7. Walls of Liscarroll / the Connachtman's Rambles flag15us.gif 
8. Fisher's Hornpipe flag15us.gif 
9. Tom and Jerry / the Nine Points of Roguery flag15us.gif 
10. Twa Corbies flag15us.gif 
11. As I Roved Out flag15us.gif 
12. The Galtee Set flag15us.gif 
13. House-Husband's Lament flag15us.gif 
14. French Tunes flag15us.gif 
15. Castle Kelly flag15us.gif 
16. Shamrock Shore flag15us.gif 
17. The Gypsy Rover flag15us.gif 
18. Bank and Star flag15us.gif 
19. Texas flag15us.gif 
20. Preacher on a Pony flag15us.gif 
21. Go! Move! Shift! (The Moving-On Song) flag15us.gif 
22. Jenny Pluck Pears flag15us.gif 
23. New Polkas flag15us.gif 
24. Lovely Joan flag15us.gif