Amazing Grace
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Indigo
Release Date: 01 November, 1999
  1. God's gonna separate the wheat from the tares
  2. Keep me everyday
  3. God shall wipe all the tears away
  4. Oh my Lord
  5. I want to rest
  6. I'm goin' to wait until my change comes
  7. He knows my heart
  8. I'm going to tell God
  9. Move on up a little higher
  10. What could I do
  11. Even me
  12. I have a friend
  13. Dig a little deeper
  14. Tired
  15. In my home over there
  16. If you see my saviour
  17. There's not a friend like Jesus
  18. Since the fire started burning in my soul
  19. Amazing Grace