40 Scottish Melodies
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Madacy
Release Date: 08 September, 1994
  1. March Of The Cameron Men, The
  2. Highland Fling
  3. Robin Adair
  4. Whistle And I'll Come To You
  5. Come O'er The Stream Charlie
  6. Scots Wha Ha'e Wi
  7. Wallace Bled
  8. Wha'll Buy Caller Herrin'
  9. Belles Of Edinboro
  10. My Only Jo And Dearie O
  11. Moon Had Clim'b, The
  12. Year That's Awa, The
  13. Soldiers Return, The
  14. Duncan Gray
  15. Birks Of Aberfeldy, The
  16. I Lo'e Na A Ladie But Ane
  17. Come Under My Plaidie
  18. Jack O'Hazeldean
  19. Highland Lad My Love Was Born, A
  20. Man's A Man For That, A
  21. Auld lang syne
  22. Campbels Are Com', The
  23. Annie Laurie
  24. The Bluebell of Scotland
  25. Oh, Charlie is my darling
  26. My Heart's In The Highlands
  27. Flow Gently Sweet Afton
  28. John Andersom, My Jo
  29. Wi'a Hundred Pipers
  30. Comin' through the rye
  31. Blythe Blythe
  32. And Merry Was She
  33. Bonnie Dundee
  34. I Have Heard The Mavis Singing
  35. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet
  36. Loch Lomond
  37. Ye banks and braes
  38. O'Bonnie Doon
  39. Rowan Tree Miss Darlymple, The
  40. Well May The Keel Row
  41. My love is like a red, red rose
  42. The Skye Boat Song