Glory of the Music Hall Vol.1
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Designation: GEMM CD 9475
Release Date: 1991
  1. Billy Williams, Let's Have A Song Upon The Gramophone
  2. Herbert Campbell, A Seaside Holiday At Home
  3. Charles Coborn, The Man That Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo by Fred Gilbert
  4. Charles Coborn, Two Lovely Black Eyes by Charles Coborn
  5. Arthur Roberts , Topsy-Turvy
  6. Harry Anderson, The Fishing Club
  7. Burt Shepard, I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You
  8. Harry Randall, Something Tickled Her Fancy
  9. Albert Chevalier, Our Little Nipper
  10. R. G. Knowles, Adam Missed It
  11. R. G. Knowles, The Girl, The Woman And The Widow
  12. Eugene Stratton, Little Dolly Daydream, Pride Of Idaho by Leslie Stuart
  13. Dan Leno, Wait 'Til I'm His Father!
  14. Gus Elen, Wait 'Til The Work Comes Round
  15. Gus Elen, Never Introduce Yer Donah To A Pal
  16. George Lashwood, There's Another Fellow Looks Likes Me
  17. Alec Hurley, Piccaninny
  18. Vesta Tilley, What A Nut!
  19. Vesta Tilley, There's A Good Time Coming For The Ladies
  20. Harry Champion, You Can't Help Laughing, Can Yer?
  21. Harry Champion, Wotcher, My Old Brown Son
  22. Harry Fragson, Paper-Bag Cookery
  23. Leo Stormont, Goodbye, Dolly Gray
  24. Mark Sheridan, Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser
  25. Mark Sheridan, Jolly Good Company (Here we are again)