Fried Fruit Fritters
Last updated: 03.05.21
Label: Windy Ridge
Designation: CDR 24
Songs mostly written by Ernie Mayne
  1. You can't get many pimples, on a pound of pickled pork
  2. Goosey Goosey Gander
  3. Ten little fingers
  4. Tale of my husband's shirt
  5. My meatless day
  6. Lloyd George's Beer
  7. Farmyard on the brain
  8. Nobody loves a fat man
  9. Let's go round and have a taster
  10. Fried fruit fritters
  11. We used to gather at the old Dun Cow
  12. Thtop your thtuttering Thammy
  13. Where do the flies go in the Wintertime?
  14. Eggs and bacon
  15. San-fari-ann
  16. Tarzan of the apes
  17. I like a'not water bottle in bed
  18. The roast beef of old England
  19. Hello! Old what's-a- name
  20. What d'yer think of that?
  21. Our little garden Sub-bub
  22. Wireless on the brain
  23. No, We don't keep fish, only kippers
  24. A n'egg and some n'ham and a n'onion
  25. I've never wronged an onion.