Guard Years
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Label: Bear Family
Release Date: 03 September, 1997
  1. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  2. Three Jolly Coachmen
  3. Scotch And Soda
  4. Tom Dooley
  5. Sloop John B
  6. Coplas
  7. Santo Anno
  8. Fast Freight
  9. Round the Bay of Mexico
  10. Banua
  11. Saro Jane
  12. Wimoweth
  13. Little Maggie
  14. Dodi Lll
  15. Medley: Tanga Tika/Toerau
  16. Sally (Don't You Grieve)
  17. Blue Tattoo
  18. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  19. When The Saints Go Marching In
  20. Gue Gue
  21. New York Girls
  22. Como Se Viene, Se Va
  23. Ruby Red
  24. Sally (Don't You Grieve)
  25. Raspberries, Strawberries
  1. Blow, Ye Winds
  2. M.T.A.
  3. Getaway John
  4. Remember The Alamo
  5. I Bawled
  6. Corey, Corey
  7. All My Sorrows
  8. The Long Black Rifle
  9. The Seine
  10. Early In The Morning
  11. The Tijuana Jail
  12. Good News
  13. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  14. Oh Cindy
  15. Sail Away Ladies
  16. Goober Peas
  17. Haul Away
  18. Across The Wide Missouri (Shenandoah)
  19. 'Round About The Mountain
  20. The Unfortunate Miss Bailey
  21. A Worried Man
  22. The Unfortunate Miss Bailey (Remake)
  23. A Worried Man (Remake)
  24. The Wanderer
  25. San Miguel
  26. Rollin' Stone
  27. Oleanna
  1. Molly Dee
  2. E Inu Tatou E
  3. The Hunter
  4. Green Grasses
  5. Green Grasses (Remake)
  6. The Hunter (Remake)
  7. Coo Coo U
  8. The Worlds Last Authentic Playboys
  9. Bimini
  10. Medley: Tanga Tika/Toerau
  11. Don't Cry Katie
  12. Just Once Around The Clock
  13. El Matador
  14. Raspberries, Strawberries
  15. Farewell Adelita
  16. With You My Johnny
  17. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
  18. The Mountains of Mourne
  19. The Tattooed Lady
  20. Home From The Hill
  21. Mangwani M'Pulele
  22. Carrier Pigeon
  23. Everglades
  24. The Escape Of Old John Webb
  25. Leave My Woman Alone
  1. Bad Man's Blunder
  2. When I Was Young
  3. This Land Is Your Land
  4. Who's Gonna Hold Her Hand
  5. The Tattooed Lady
  6. Coast Of California
  7. This Mornin', This Evenin', So Soon
  8. South Wind
  9. Buddy Better Get On Down The Line
  10. Colorado Trail
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Goodnight My Baby
  13. Mary Mild
  14. Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child
  15. A Round About Christmas
  16. All through the night
  17. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  18. Follow Now, Oh Shepherds
  19. Somerset Gloucestershire Wassail
  20. The Last Month Of The Year
  21. Go Where I Send Thee
  22. The White Snows Of Winter
  23. Sing We Noel
  1. Utawena
  2. The River Is Wide
  3. Speckled Roan
  4. Hard Travelin'
  5. Sea Fever
  6. Hangman
  7. Don't You Weep Mary
  8. Blow The Candle Out
  9. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies
  10. Blue Eyed Gal
  11. En El Agua (Maria Christina)
  12. The Jug of Punch
  13. Bonny Hielan' Laddie
  14. Oh, Yes, Oh!
  15. Billy Goat Hill
  16. Pastures Of Plenty
  17. Guardo El Lobo
  18. Mary Was Pretty
  19. Run Molly Run
  20. You Don't Knock
  21. Lemon Tree
  22. The Wines Of Madeira
  23. Adieu To My Island
  24. You're Gonna Miss Me
  25. Senora
  26. The Golden Pike
  27. Razors In The Air
  28. It Was A Very Good Year
  1. Club Show, Part 1-Introduction/Saro Jane
  2. Club Show, Part 1-Santo Anno
  3. Club Show, Part 1-Three Jolly Coachmen
  4. Club Show, Part 1-I Bawled
  5. Club Show, Part 1-South Coast
  6. Club Show, Part 1-Gue Gue
  7. Club Show, Part 1-Dodi Lll
  8. Club Show, Part 1-Zombie Jamboree
  9. Club Show, Part 1-Go Where I Send Thee
  10. Club Show, Part 1-Ruby Red
  11. Club Show, Part 1-Scotch And Soda
  12. Club Show, Part 1-Watsha
  13. Club Show, Part 1-Sloop John B
  14. Club Show, Part 1-Hard, Ain't It Hard
  15. Club Show, Part 2-Introduction/Banua
  16. Club Show, Part 2-Bay Of Mexico
  17. Club Show, Part 2-New York Girls
  18. Club Show, Part 2-Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  1. Club Show, Part 2-Shady Grove/Lonesome Traveler
  2. Club Show, Part 2-Coplas
  3. Club Show, Part 2-Fast Freight
  4. Club Show, Part 2-Tic Tic Tic (The Lost Watch)
  5. Club Show, Part 2-Lei Pakalana
  6. Club Show, Part 2-Pay Me My Money Down
  7. Club Show, Part 2-Across The Wide Missouri
  8. Club Show, Part 2-Maggie
  9. Club Show, Part 2-Tom Dooley
  10. Club Show, Part 2-Wimoweh
  11. Club Show, Part 2-When The Saints Go Marching In (And Farewell)
  12. Live From The Hungry!-Tic Tic Tic (The Lost Watch)
  13. Live From The Hungry!-Gue Gue
  14. Live From The Hungry!-Dorie
  15. Live From The Hungry!-South Coast
  16. Live From The Hungry!-Zombie Jamboree
  17. Live From The Hungry!-Wimoweth
  18. Live From The Hungry!-New York Girls
  19. Live From The Hungry!-They Call The Wind Maria
  20. Live From The Hungry!-The Merry Minuet
  21. Live From The Hungry!-Medley: Shady Grove/Lonesome Traveler
  22. Live From The Hungry!-When The Saints Go Marching In
  1. The El Paso Concert-Banua
  2. The El Paso Concert-Three Jolly Coachmen
  3. The El Paso Concert-South Coast
  4. The El Paso Concert-Coplas
  5. The El Paso Concert-They Call The Wind Maria
  6. The El Paso Concert-Zombie Jamboree
  7. The El Paso Concert-Tom Dooley
  8. The El Paso Concert-The Merry Minuet
  9. The El Paso Concert-Raspberries, Strawberries
  10. The El Paso Concert-When The Saints Go Marching In
  11. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Introduction By George Wein
  12. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Saro Jane
  13. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Coplas
  14. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-MTA.
  15. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-All My Sorrows
  16. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Remember The Alamo
  17. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-E Inu Tatou E
  18. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Hard, Ain't It Hard
  19. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-The Merry Minuet
  20. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-When The Saints Go Marching In
  21. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Three Jolly Coachmen
  22. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-South Coast
  23. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Scotch And Soda
  24. The Newport Folk Festival Concert-Zombie Jamboree
  1. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/The Hunter
  2. Oh, Cindy
  3. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/Goober Peas
  4. Blow Ye Winds
  5. The Hunter/Oleanna
  6. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/Corey, Corey
  7. A Worried Man
  8. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/Molly Dee
  9. Oh, Cindy
  10. Goober Peas
  11. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/Three Jolly Coachmen
  12. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up
  13. Scarlett Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  14. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up
  15. MTA.
  16. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/A Worried Man
  17. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up
  18. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up
  19. With You My Johnny
  20. The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up/The Hunter
  21. Blow Ye Winds
  22. A Worried Man
  23. MTA(60 Seconds Version)
  24. MTA(20 Seconds Version)
  1. Tom Dooley (With German Intro)
  2. Medley: Tanga Tika/Toerau
  3. Don't Cry Katie
  4. The Mountains O'Mourne
  5. Home From The Hill
  6. Mangwani (M' Pulele)
  7. Carrier Pigeon
  8. Run Joe (TV)
  9. Dave Guard Trio: Cha Cha Boom
  10. Dave Guard Trio: Come Back Liza
  11. Dave Guard Trio: Jamaica Farewell
  12. Dave Guard Trio: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
  13. Dave Guard Trio: Lolly Tu Dum
  14. Dave Guard Trio: Without My Lover
  15. Dave Guard Trio: Fast Frieght
  16. Kingston Trio: Without My Lover
  17. Kingston Trio: Run Joe
  18. Grayson & Whitter: Tom Dooley
  19. Lonnie Donegan: Tom Dooley
  20. Merle Kilgore: Tom Dooley, Jr.
  21. Clinton Brooks And The B's: Tom Duley Rock
  22. Curtis Hoback: Tom Dooley Rock And Roll
  23. Nilsen Brothers: Tom Dooley (German)
  24. Nilsen Brothers: Tom Dooley II (German)