Ballads and Broadsides
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Topic
Release Date: 26 Oct 2009
No. Title MP3's
1. Young Edwin in the Lowlands flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
2. As We Were A-Sailing flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
3. The Flying Cloud flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
4. All Things Are Quite Silent flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
5. One May Morning flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
6. The Cock flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
7. The Brambe Briar flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
8. Thorneymoor Woods flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif 
9. The Banks of Sweet Primeroses flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif